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Agri Tourism In West Bengal

Posted by : on | Apr 13,2014

West Bengal, the state with seas on south, eastern wing of Himalayas in Darjeeling and Ganges on west is one of the most interesting state. Satellite pictures of area turn it into green hued carpet with ravishing blue seas as if nature chose to reveal its beauty and bountifulness in this area. You will hardly notice a state in India where all natural features be it mountain, sea shore, riverside, forests are playing and complementing each other. State with 13th rank in terms of area and 4th in terms of population is yet to discover its untapped potential in multiple sectors. If this state is naturally beautiful then culturally it is one of its original. At present, state posses 18 universities which include both prestigious IIT & IIM for engineering & management studies. However, these institutes empower youth with knowledge to manage business of MNC but not core business of state “Agriculture & Fish Farming”. Though several universities in Bengal are investigating on promotion of Eco-tourism, Tea Garden Tourism in Sundarban, Darjeeling but still state failed to attract foreign investment and tourist which can generate source of income for unemployed rural youth. We often feel proud to belong to state that brought revolution in India in past with their vision and direction but now why this state is lacking direction to generate income from its own resources for its own people? Why rural youth is motivated to do strike but not to open a organic farm shop. Rural Bengal is heart of state and to generate income it has to look into concepts of green revolution which has bought wealth and development in Punjab and Haryana. Recent concept to add in this is Agri-tourism; it can not only bring foreign investment from US & Europe to state and will boost unexplored part tourism. Farmers need to be educated with latest methods of farming, high breed seeds, ecosystem conservation etc. This concept also involves developing farmland based tour package. It’s typically spending day or two in pollution free farm houses equipped with modern amenities. Shops selling agro-based products from jute cane, organic vegetables, fresh juices, preservative free foods, candies, painting on silk, terracotta idols etc are already popular among foreign tourist. Visitors can roam around on farmland, feed variety of fishes, ducks, pick fruits from trees and enjoy it to their heart’s content. They can enjoy wholesome and tasty Bengali cuisine with folk dance. Baramati village in Maharashtra has already developed this concept and was able to bring foreign investment and tourist to village to taste simple daal and roti. They have also won award in Malaysia for this development. If Baramati can develop this shouldn’t Bankura should give a thought?